At Home Classes

Are you ready to learn something new? Have you always wanted to give soap making, quilting, candle making, or string art a shot? We’ve got classes for varying skill levels and in different mediums. All of our guests and students love coming to our classes and we get great reviews from current and past participants. Read below to learn more and to find a class that suits you!

$70 per


If your kids or you love to make sand art, then this project is for you! Instead of sand, we use granulated bees wax to make one-of-a-kind candles. Your group will have their pick of 14 colors and different glass containers.

Candle Making

At the kid's party, guests will be able to choose from soap cubes, strips, and shapes or cut their own shapes using cookie cutters. They will be able to arrange their soap shapes in a container and then our friendly assistants will help to seal the blocks with clear glycerin soap.

Soap Making for Kids

Have you ever gone to a craft show and admired the beautiful quilts that were up for judging? Well, those amazing artists had to start somewhere, right?!?! When you book a quilting party, we will show you where to start. You will leave the class with a finished block and inspiration to keep going.

Quilting for Beginners 

Weave thin cording around nails in painting or stained wooden boards to create a one-of-a-kind hanging piece of art. Guests will be able to choose to either stain or use chalkboard paint to customize their project. The boards will be pre-drilled with the desired patterns. This is a really neat project for teens and adults.

String Art

At the adults party, guests will learn about all the elements of soap making including: scents, texture, types of soap. Then they will dive right into making their own custom soap. All adult parties are BYOB. We will provide several delicious appetizers for you and your guests to enjoy.

Soap Making for Teens & Adults

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