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Girl Scout and Boy Scout Classes

Are you in need of some project ideas for those crafting, cooking, sewing, or yoga badges? All of our Scout programs take place in the comfort and convenience of the kid's school, we can travel to your other meeting location, or you can come to our studio in Long Valley for the classes.

We also offer virtual classes!

Read below to learn more and contact us to set up a class that suits the criteria for the badge of your choice!

All of our teachers are fingerprinted and background checked.

$70 per



During our one hour classes, the instructor will speak to the girls about the project that they will be doing and some history about where and when that particular item was invented (ie: when candles were made and their evolution over time). 

Yoga classes: Girls will learn all about the basics of yoga in this hour-long class. They will discover how to find calm and the basic yoga asana poses.

Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts.jpg

Have one of our teachers come out and teach a one hour to two hour classes to earn merit badges for the troop!

During the class, we will cover as many steps as possible to earn the badges. Some of the requirements ask that the kids do something other than the services that we provide (such as visit an art museum for the Art Badge), but we will try our very best to complete as many as we can. Some classes will only need one hour to complete the projects and others require two hours. Please contact us for more information.

Badge classes that we offer:

Art                                         Pottery

Basketry                                Pulp and Paper

Entrepreneurship                  Sculpture 

Graphic Arts                          Textile


Boy Scouts

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